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Bio / CV

Tatsunori Hosoi

埼玉県出身、ニューヨーク / 日本を拠点に活動するビデオアーティスト、フォトグラファー。

日本国内の大学でビジネス、心理学を勉強し卒業。2014年、ニューヨークへ移りSchool of Visual Artsにてビデオグラフ、フォトグラフを学ぶ。彼の作品は、デンマークのコペンハーゲン現代美術館、 フランス協会、コペンハーゲン市内の公共施設、 そしてチリのチロエ近代美術館などで展示され、「独特で不思議な感覚を与えるコンセプチュアルな作風がオーディエンスを異世界へと引き込む」と評される。


子供の頃から、神秘的な物事に興味を持ち始める。様々な経験から生と死の世界の関係性に関心を寄せ、その架け橋となる彼の作り出す並行世界 “0.5”の世界の経験を観客と共有し、“存在”の自覚を導く作品を主に制作している。

Tatsunori Hosoi, a citizen of Japan, is a video / photo artist based in New York City / Japan.

His art focuses on conceptual work with the use of eerie visuals, to attract the audience into a space that oscillates between life and death. Since his childhood, He has had a deep interest in the spiritual correlation between the world of the living and the world of the dead, a universe he calls “0.5”. His curiosity grew while having his own experiences of loss of people that were close to him. Through his work, he hopes to share 0.5 with his audience, as well as evoke a sense of awareness of one’s own existence.


Tatsunori has exhibited his work in Copenhagen Contemporary, France Institute, public spaces in Copenhagen Denmark, and the Museum of Modern Art Chiloe in Chiloe island, Chile. His first solo exhibition was at an abandoned themed gallery, Gallery SixZaemon in Saitama, Japan.


Solo exhibitions


2019 “Experimental Ouroboros” ( Gallery SixZaemon / Saitama )

2020 “Tatsunori Hosoi Ten” (Tokyo Shinkin Bank / Saitama)

Selected Group Exhibitions

2019 “SICF20 EXHIBITION”  (Spiral Hall / Tokyo)

          “ART POINT in LONDON” (Espacio gallery / London)

2020  “ART POINT Selection I展” ( Gallery ART POINT / Tokyo )

         "MENTORS" (SVA Chelsea Gallery / New York)


         "第9回 花とみどり・いのちと心展” (国営昭和記念公園花みどり文化センター / Tokyo)

2023 "Artexpo NYC" (Pier 36 / New York)

          “2023現代造形表現作家フォーラム展” (東京都美術館ギャラリーA / Tokyo)



Selected Award / Video Screening

2018 “FRAME & Vision” Screening ( The Museum of Modern Art Chiloe / Chile ) 

    “FRAME & Vision” Screening ( Institut français du Danemark / Denmark )

2019  “60Seconds Video Festival” Selected ( Copenhagen )

          Screening in public spaces in Copenhagen

          Copenhagen Contemporary, 

          Refshaleøen Copenhagen

          Den Frie Centre of Contemporary Art, 

          Copenhagen Inner Harbour Bridge, Christianshavn

          KØS – museum of art in public spaces, Køge

          Frederiksberg Bibliotek

          UNION, Nørrebro

          Kulturværftet, Helsingør

          CBS/ Frederiksberg Center

          “One-Off Moving Image Festival” ( Spain and Norway )

          “MovieDa Short Film Contest” Second-Place ( Korea )

2020  “WILD OUT Video Festival” Finalist ( Taiwan )

2021  ”DÉRAPAGE 20+1 Festival” Selected ( Canada )

2022  "The First Persian Independent Experimental Short Film Festival" Selected (Iran)

          "Film Diary NYC" Selected (New York)

          "WATOWA ART AWARD 2022" Finalist (Tokyo)



2019  J:COM (CATV) Broadcasted and interviewed about solo show

         “Experimental Ouroboros” in daily news section ( Japan )


 © 2022 Tatsunori Hosoi

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